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Venetian Polished Plaster Walls In Nottingham

Nov 9

You can make any room memorable by the details. The elegant effect of Venetian plaster on the walls, ceilings and fixtures can be achieved without spending as much as marble. This guide will help you make a decision and assist you in starting. Venetian plaster, also known as polished plaster, is a finish most often used for walls and ceilings. It is made out of a mixture of plaster dust and marble dust. This mixture must be spread using a spatula or trowel. The thin layers of the mixture should then be applied to the desired surface. This finish can dry to a rough, matte, stone-like appearance that is easily scratched and easily damaged if left alone.

Venetian plaster can be properly burnished to give it a high-quality, smooth finish with a sense of texture and depth. Venetian mortar can often be tinted or painted to create a marble appearance. This wall covering is perfect if you have a spot where you want to make it look like marble.

Venetian Plastering In Nottingham

Venetian plasters are renowned for their rich history. They take you back to the ancient time. Venetian plasters became a building material in the 1500s. Andrea Palladio, an Italian architecture student, discovered the magnificent villas of Venice. These amazing plasters were called Stucco Veneziano. These plasters were first used in decoration by wealthy Venice homes around 1600. It soon found a significant place in European and Italian homes.

Venetian plaques are made of several ingredients. The main ingredients are lime and marble. Acrylic and pigment binders are now used to prepare these plasters. Venetian Plasters can be made more durable by adding synthetic polymers. Venetian plasters can withstand more than marbles. They are composed of finely ground marble powder, calcium hydroxide and slaked lime. Some skills are required to apply Venetian mortars.

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How Durable is Venetian Plaster?

Venetian plasters make a great choice for designers because they are strong wall finishes that can withstand wear. Many of the finishes can be cleaned easily because they are so smooth. The traditional combination of lime and marble will "age" and cure over time to give a surface as hard-wearing as marble. It is important to pay attention to the surfaces of buildings today, as movement beneath the finish can cause cracks. Two coats each of lime and sand plaster were applied to the walls of Venice's original walls. This provided a solid surface to apply the marble plaster finishes. This substrate is the weakest element of the structure.

Natural beeswax can seal the finishes, but it's important to maintain this protective barrier by keeping them clean and applying re-waxing every couple years. Extra protection with waterproofing is recommended if the finish comes in contact with water and dirt.

Polished Plaster Finishes and Colours

Some people exercise caution when choosing polished plasters for feature walls. You can choose to be safe with the style and colour to make up for not using a decorative finish. However, when you want to make a bold design statement, there is no need to limit yourself by believing that being bold is to be crazy. Natural tones provide beauty, but not everyone would prefer to decorate their entire living area with deep and vibrant colours.

A feature wall can be used to enhance the overall design of a room, but it is not an end in itself. The wall's Italian finish can set the tone and carry the nuances of colour from the furniture and textiles in the room. If you have a large area to decorate, it is possible to use rich dark colors to create an atmosphere with evident style. The staterooms in country houses and palaces are a celebration of style. They were decorated with bold choices of colour and many of the pioneers of using Venetian plaster.

A matte finish such paint or weak colours may not be visible in such large spaces. This gives you the chance to show your creativity. You can find an inspiring colour that you like and combine it with the polished plaster to bring modern style to your design.

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