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Professional Blind Fitting Service Nottingham

Nov 16

Although it may appear simple to install blinds, it is important that you do it correctly. Is your window unique in size or shape? Do your window coverings have unique or intricate designs? Are you pressed for time? Professional blind installation might be the solution.

For years, Homefix Handyman have provided our customers with highly qualified and guaranteed fitting services in Nottingham and surrounding areas. We offer a complete service to ensure that you are satisfied with the quality of the products and the expertly installed fittings.

Your Nottingham home should be safe for all ages. We take all precautions to ensure child safety when fitting blinds, shutters, and curtains.

Blind Installation Service

We help you choose the right mount for your blinds and windows. We then perform a secure, safe installation. We make sure that the blinds are securely attached to the frame and that they can raise and lower correctly.

We also assess the safety of blind cords for pets and children in the home and adjust the cords as necessary.

Many of our customers are parents of children and have come to us through word of mouth, repeat business or referrals. Our products are high-quality, affordable and designed with safety in mind.

Window blinds installed in Nottinghamshire

Roller Blind Fitters Nottingham

Professional fitters are available to install roller blinds in Nottingham. You will have a peaceful night's sleep because the roller blind has a blackout lining that blocks out all light.

Venetian Blind Fitters Nottingham

Venetian blinds can be fitted by an experienced team in the Nottingham region. Venetian blinds are very popular because of the control they offer. You can lift the blinds and turn the slats via a chord mechanism. This gives you complete control over the amount of light entering the room. It also allows you to control your privacy.

Nottingham Vertical Blind Fitters

We are able to install high quality vertical blinds in Nottingham. Vertical blinds are a popular choice and an attractive, practical type of blind. You also get a lot of benefits from vertical blinds, including versatility, ease of maintenance, and simplicity of operation.

Blinds and shades can be installed quickly. Some customers have difficult to reach windows or large blinds. Others prefer having a professional measure and install them.

Window blind installation can be done by anyone. If you do choose to go this route, it could prove costly if you make mistakes. Every job is unique depending on the construction of your property. That is why we have every kind of fixing to fit your wall and allow us to do professional jobs every time.

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