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Nov 25

Gas & Electric

Whether you are looking for a brand-new vented gas fireplace, a fireplace inserts or looking to replace your wooden logs with a gas log or looking to replace an old one, Continental Fireplaces, and Kingsmen Fireplaces have both had a long-lasting, supportive relationship with Bell City Mechanical, and they both continue to be one of our main suppliers. The gas and electric fireplaces (not a wood fireplace) provided by Continental are known for their impeccable standards of quality, both in expectations of the labor and materials used to create their product. Continental has also been granted an ISO90010-2015 certification, meaning that they have surpassed the high standard of necessary quality management. This certificate indicates that Continental takes their job, and its clients seriously. Kingsman's consistently reliable service has made them one of the most valuable assets for our business. Us, as well as our partners respect real craftsmanship and, that is why they only supply businesses such as Bell| City with the best products possible. Now, let us tell you in depth why we chose Continental and Kingsmen Fireplaces to work with.


The gas fireplaces that are tediously manufactured are not just convenient on their own but come with several useful and easily accessible features/ modifications. Gas fireplaces do not require the same amount of effort that other heating systems require, nor do they empty your pockets like other systems due to the lack of power used to function efficiently. The electric fireplaces from Continental are also convenient due to the simplicity of turning them on and off. Rather than a wood burning fireplace that demands constant upkeep to continue working properly. Our fireplaces also come with remote controls that make switching the heat on and off as simple as possible. As well backlit digital readout of room temperature that is written in simple, easy to read language.


In terms of safety, all Continental and Kingsman fireplaces come with a child proof safety lock at any customer's request. Our Gas fireplaces in addition come with simple heater accessories, such as a control system that will automatically and efficiently shut the gas supply off if necessary. There is no need to worry about the potential risks of a gas fireplace when safety is our number one priority within our fireplaces constantly.

Economic Products

Continental's electronic products (such as their electronic fireplaces) come with an electronic ignition along with your own battery back-up. This product operates without any additional electricity and can function even during power outages. This makes the products extremely reliable, to be used at any time in your home. Energy efficient products from Continental can also save up to 30% in your heating costs. According to a national survey done using a log compared to wood logs sets in your fireplaces, you save you up to 57%.

Environmentally friendly

All the gas that emerges from a vent system in Continental's products are completely, 100% natural and environmentally friendly/safe. All products use natural gas and propane only. Contributing to a clean energy source that does not release any harmful air into our world. If you have any concerns at all about potential harmful toxins in gas fireplaces or other products, that fear is addressed and immediately solved with all our products.

Products built for comfort

Kingsman and Continental each put numerous meaningful touches into their gas fire pits that ensure not only functionality, but comfort to their customers to improve the quality of your home for overall home comfort. For example, fireplaces are covered with beautiful, specifically ceramic glass, generating a large amount of heat at a reduced use of energy. There are aesthetically pleasing additions as well, such as realistic ceramic fibre logs. These logs create the comforting atmosphere of a wood burning fireplace without any of the labor or cost that comes with it. A simpler, better, more comforting home for you and your family.


If you are searching for a fireplace supplier, there is absolutely no other choice than Kingsman or Continental Fireplaces. Visit our  website for more information.