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Bathtub Refinishing & More: Top Repairable Home Fixtures That Save You Thousands

Dec 17

Many homeowners are of the mindset that every time something breaks or becomes worn, you have to go out and buy new. Often times, that’s just not the case. A lot of high ticket household items can be fixed, restored and refurbished if you just know what your options are. Awareness is the first step, so here’s a list of some big budget home fixtures that can usually be repaired, rather than replaced.

Interior Doors

Even the least expensive, lowest grade interior doors cost above $100 each to replace. When you multiply that by all the doors you have in your home, between bedrooms, closets, offices, and laundry room, the cost can easily add up to thousands. And because doors are a tricky item to install properly (without uneven placement and sticking), you’ll need to pay a professional several more thousand dollars to put them in.

But if your interior doors are still in good shape, but maybe a bit outdated, you can try all of these tactics to restore them to a more updated condition for just a few hundred dollars or less:

  • Wood filler, also known as wood putty, can plug small holes and dents to even out the surface of the door. It will need to be covered with paint or some type of finish afterward.
  • Most doors can be painted to create a totally fresh look.
  • Replacing the door handles and hinges in a new metal finish will really modernize their look.
  • If your doors have a flat surface, you can even get fancy by adding self adhering moulding to the front for a more decorative appearance.

Tub & Tile Refinishing

Is your bathtub or shower tile peeling, stained or just an outdated color? Don’t go rushing to spend thousands on new installation. Believe it or not, you can actually make your porcelain, ceramic, cast iron, acrylic and fiberglass bathroom fixtures look like new with a very low cost service called bathtub refinishing.

High trained professionals come in and restore your tub, tile, shower, sink and countertop for mere hundreds. The process typically starts with a deep clean in which stains, rust marks and water marks are removed. Then the surface is evened out with some patching up of any scratches or minor chips. Finally, the surface is prepped for an industrial quality coating, called glaze, that you’ll recognize by its glossy appearance. When it’s all done, your fixtures will look like new and cost you far less than replacement.

You can order this service from a company like Arlington Heights Bathtub Refinishing Co.

HVAC Units

If your home’s heating unit, air conditioner or water heater is acting up or not even working, don’t rush to buy a new one just yet. A quick call to your local HVAC (heating ventilation air conditioning) company could result in much better news: that your units are repairable.

If they can be fixed, you’re looking at thousands in savings.

Major Appliances

When your fridge, dishwasher, oven, washer or dryer break down or start acting up, it doesn’t always mean they need to be replaced. Local appliance repair companies are highly skilled at fixing minor electrical issues and replacing old parts where needed. Just a few tweaks and a couple hundred dollars could result in a fully functional appliance, without the need to invest a lot for replacement. Most appliance companies will tell you during the inspection whether it’s worth it to repair, from a cost savings standpoint.


Roofing can last a long time, upwards of 20 years when spared from major weather damage. As your roof starts to age, though, you may find that time and natural influences have caused shingles to fall off or areas to become worn down. 

If you call a roofing company or two to fully inspect your roof, they can tell you how serious the damage is and whether replacement is inevitable. To be sure you’re getting an honest assessment, you can always get inspections from 3 roofers, or even call a home inspection service instead of a roofer. Either way, you may learn that the damage is minimal and can be restored. Even in worse case scenarios, often only the shingles need to be replaced rather than a rebuilding of the entire roofing structure. In the end, a repair can definitely save you thousands over installing a new roof.

Concrete Patio

Installing a concrete or brick paver patio is a big investment. It definitely improves the liveability of the home and makes it easier to enjoy the outside, but can be costly. When you start to see bricks shifting or find cracks in your patio, call around to see if there are any local hardscaping companies that can fix the damage before it gets worse. The key here is to catch it early. Again, a repair to your patio could result in thousands of dollars in savings.


If your exterior siding has been severely damaged by hail or a tornado, then yes, it probably calls for a replacement. But if your siding just needs minor repairs or a facelift, it’s possible that you can fix it for a fraction of the cost of installing new. A paint job can do wonders for old siding and really make it look modern, raising your home’s curb appeal. Additionally, if your siding is a product still in production, it’s possible that a contractor could replace a few siding pieces that are damaged in order to spare the house from a total replacement. Whatever your situation, it’s definitely worth looking into a repair before you blow a big budget on new siding.

Just being aware of all the high ticket household items that are often repairable is the first step toward big savings on home upkeep. Explore all your options for repair and see just how much you can save with restoration.