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Jan 8

Five Cabinet Refinishing Options to Choose From

Our homes are divided into two main areas: the living room and kitchen. Americans spend 28% time in either room. This is a significant amount of time you spend at home.

These rooms are important because we spend so much time there. Even if you don’t have the budget for a complete kitchen remodel, you can update your cabinets and make your kitchen more appealing.

These five refinishing kitchen cabinets ideas will help to make your kitchen more affordable.

1. Paint Your Cabinets in a Solid Color

You can update an old kitchen by painting the cabinets. A fresh coat of light paint can bring life back to dark cabinets that make your kitchen feel crowded and dark.

A coat of paint can bring life to your kitchen if the doors and frames are in good condition.

Although this project may take some time, it can transform inexpensive kitchen cabinets into stylish and modern ones.

Before you begin, ensure you are familiar with the most common mistakes and how you can avoid them.

2. Cabinet Toning

Cabinet toning can be applied to cabinets in the same way as a clear coat.

Most cabinets will require toner after you have applied a clear coat. After the toner has dried, apply one last coat of finish.

Toner can be purchased in aerosol cans. You can also buy tinted oil- or water-based polyurethane you can spray onto old kitchen cabinets. Professional spray equipment is always used.

Applying toner evenly is the trick. You will see darker areas in your cabinets if you don't apply them evenly.

3. Cabinet Glazing for a Distressed Style

You can also use cabinet glaze to give your kitchen cabinets a distressed look. This will make your kitchen cabinets unique.

This Kansas Master Cabinet Refinishing option will suit those who love a classic look in their kitchen.

You can achieve dramatic or subtle effects on your cabinet doors depending on which glaze color you choose and how much.

To create shading, apply glaze to the entire cabinet door.

Consider the color of your kitchen when choosing a glaze color. Consider the color of your countertops, backsplash, and appliances.

An alabaster or light gray glaze can be used if you have light surfaces such as white granite or tile in your kitchen. These glaze colors are also great for black granite.

How to Distress Your Cabinets

Make sure that your cabinets are free from dust and dirt before you begin.

Next, apply a small amount of glaze to a clean, dry rag. In a circular motion, apply the glaze to the cabinet. Continue spreading the glaze in growing circles, until you have covered the entire surface.

A small amount of glaze can cover a large area. You should use less glaze than you think is necessary.

Next, wipe off any excess glaze with a clean, dry rag. You can wipe in either one direction: up-and-down, side-to-side. Stop once you achieve the look you desire.

For a more distressed look, you can use a small paintbrush and add some glaze to the doors and crevices of the cabinets.

Use a clean cloth to remove any excess glaze.

Spray a light coat with a clear sealer after the glaze has dried to protect your cabinets. You should make sure to buy a non-yellowing sealant. It could cause cabinets to look yellowed and damage their appearance.

4. Pinstripe Glazing

Pinstripe glazing can be used to create distressed looks. The same tinted glaze can be used.

Pinstripe glazing doesn't cover the entire cabinet. For a striking and unique pinstripe effect, the glaze will be applied to the cabinet groves to create a contrast and high impact.

This technique enhances the cabinet's architectural details. For the best impact, choose a glaze color that is opposite to your cabinet color.

You can do one line, two lines, or as many as you like.

5. Cabinet Resurfacing

Cabinet Resurfacing is basically replacing old drawer fronts and cabinet doors with newer ones.

This is a good option if your cabinet doors have been severely damaged or worn.

Although this is less expensive than replacing all of your cabinets, it can cost twice or more than the other options.

You will need to keep the same layout in your kitchen. You can modernize your cabinets with crown molding, drawer pulls, modern handles, and glass doors.

If your kitchen layout isn't working for you, and your cabinet doors aren't able to be painted, tinted, or glazed, it may be time to replace them.

This option allows people to replace handles and hinges on cabinets.

Cabinet resurfacing is the process of removing existing doors and drawers from the kitchen. Next, the frames must be cleaned and sanded. The adhesive is then applied to ensure that the veneer sticks.

Final step: Install the new cabinet doors with new hardware


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