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Jan 9

3 Reasons Not to Refinish Your Cabinets

The question is: To refinish or not to refinish? Every kitchen is unique in its layout, materials, and budget. Before you decide if Richmond Cabinet Refinishing might be right for you, think about your situation.

  • Are you planning to preserve existing cabinets and change their color?
  • Do you have cabinets made from solid wood or laminate?
  • Are you looking to upgrade features such as countertops, islands, and glass doors??
  • Are you ready to leave your kitchen "out-of-service" for several weeks?

Definition: To Finish

Wood cabinets are refinished by hand. The paint, varnish, or stain must be removed using sanding or a chemical stripping agent. After the old finish has been removed, a new one can be applied.

Reason #1: Cost and labor

Cabinet refinishing is an option if you are happy with the layout of your kitchen and the style of cabinets. Laminates can't be sanded or stripped and MDF cannot be repainted or changed. Although you can save money on cabinet refinishing, it is time-consuming and requires the use of caustic chemicals. The cost of replacing cabinets is cheaper than hiring a professional but the cost of refacing them will be much higher.

Reason #2: The Finished look

Solid wood cabinets must be in excellent condition without warping or splitting to be refinished. The wood surface can be damaged by sanding or stripping, even in the best of conditions. This may lead to inconsistent results. Refinishing darker wood is not possible. Bleach the doors first.

Reason #3: Your Cabinetry's Lifetime

After the cabinet refinishing has been completed, it becomes difficult to maintain the finish. Color changes can occur due to heat, direct sun, water from dishwashers, and water from sinks. Paint can crack and peel if MDF expands from moisture.

Make your face happy

Refacing is an alternative to refinishing. The box, door, and drawer fronts of the cabinets are replaced by new ones. A thin veneer is then applied to the cabinet sides, frames, and moldings. You'll get perfectly matched kitchen cabinets that will last a lifetime, be cost-effective, long-lasting, and look great!


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