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Feb 10

5 tips to Refinish your Kitchen

You don't need to spend a lot of money to make your kitchen feel festive and fresh for each season. You can bring the spirit of each season into your space with simple and affordable methods.

We are proud to lead the industry in cabinet refinishing Kansas City. Our customers love how we help them use their cabinets to give them a fresh look they'll enjoy for years to follow. Our experience over the years has given us a few tips to make your kitchen more affordable.

Here are some easy, inexpensive ways to add fall flavor to your kitchen.

#1- Make Your Own Arrangement

Take a few flowers and other plants that are still in bloom from your garden to create an arrangement you can display on a countertop or kitchen table. For the best selection, stop by your local garden center or farmers market.

We love a mix of corn stalks and wheat. You can be creative and have a lot of fun!

#2 – Display Seasonal Dishtowels

Get a few new dish towels in fall colors. They look great displayed on the countertop's edge, on hooks, and over appliances' handrails.

#3 – Personalize a Message Board

Change the sayings each season on your messageboard. Chalkboards, letter boards, etc. can be displayed on the wall or on a shelf.

#4 - Infuse Autumn Scents

As important as decor is the smells in your kitchen, so are the aromas. Make sure to fill your kitchen with autumn-scented candles, cleaners, and soaps. You can even bake fall treats for guests!


You can display seasonal produce and vegetables from the local market in a bowl or basket. This will give your kitchen a fall-inspired look and color.

Cabinet Refinisher Kansas City

Kansas Master Cabinet Refinishing can lift your space and revitalize it with Cabinet Refinishing Kansas City. You can get all the benefits of a brand new kitchen by reworking your cabinets, rather than replacing them.


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