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Garage Door Opener Belt Replacement

Feb 17

It's almost the summer here in NC. This means beautiful beach days, barbecues and outdoor gatherings are all just around the corner. There are many reasons to get out of the house this summer, it's clear. If your garage door has stopped working, you might not be able to get your car from the garage. It can also make you feel uneasy about your garage door's safety and security.

Garage Door Opener Belt Replacement maintenance is important all year, even during summer. We have a few tips to help you keep your garage door in tip-top shape this summer.

1. Check Your Garage Door

You can prevent problems from happening by inspecting your garage door and paying attention to unusual sounds and sights. This will allow you to fix them sooner and extend the lifespan of your garage doors. Make sure you inspect your garage door for damage or wear. Also, ensure that springs and cables are in great condition. Contact a garage technician if there are any parts that appear to be in danger.

2. Lubricate parts

Humidity can cause damage to the lubricant on your garage door components. It is important to apply the lubricant again during summer in order to protect your garage door from damage and reduce noise. It is simple enough to lubricate your garage door without the assistance of a WeFixIt technician. Make sure you use a garage door lubricant. Oil is more susceptible to dirt and grime buildup.

3. You can wash it down

This summer, rain won't be enough to clean your garage door. Instead, you should get out your bucket, hose, and cloth to clean your garage door. Remember that if your garage door is clogged with dirt, dust, and grime it can be vulnerable to damage. It will last many years if you wash your garage door with mild soapy water or use a pressure washer to clean it.

4. Evaluate the Safety Functions

Summer is a great time for pets and kids to play outside. You should inspect your garage door's safety features and ensure that they are working correctly. Place an object on the ground under your garage door to check the auto-reverse function. This will cause your garage door to stop immediately and then reverse itself. You should immediately contact a garage door technician if the door does not detect the object.

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