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Businesses that install walk-in bathtubs in St Louis MO

Feb 27

We have a wealth of experience installing walk-in bathtubs in St Louis. Walk-in bathtubs St Louis MO are difficult to locate. We've got the expertise and expertise you require. The walk-in bathtubs are equipped with an electric supply as well as pumps built-in to meet different purposes. Combining plumbing and electricity can be confusing for the majority of people. We have the license to install these special walk-in tubs and have many years of experience. In order to accommodate the different drainage orientations and the different water intakes, these walk-in bathtubs St Louis will require us to relocate a significant portion of the plumbing around. It's rare to find companies that are capable of re-building and installing walk-in bathtubs St Louis MO without the necessity of managing a lengthy list of subcontractors. This could lead to long setup times and expensive repairs.

We look forward to seeing you and providing you a no-cost estimate for your walk-in bathtub. We suggest that you consider other options for renovating your bathroom when we're out. There is a good chance that we'll be performing some demolition work in order to install the walk-in tub. We are proud of the high-quality of our work and recognize how crucial it is to be to ensure the safety of our families who have walk-in tub installation. We look to working with you and your family to complete the bathroom remodel. Contact us at the number listed below to make an appointment.  You can also utilize our form submit option on our website:


Your certified St Louis MO bathroom remodeler is waiting to meet you.

If you're interested We are licensed plumbers. We are additionally certified and insured. We are able to solve any plumbing issue you encounter at home. Are you in need of an St Louis MO plumber? Are you experiencing leaky pipes in your house? Are you experiencing issues with your home's leaks? We can assist! There are many old homes located in St. Louis. It is crucial to determine the kind of plumbing material within your home. The majority of older houses are equipped with a black galvanized copper pipe that will eventually rust and reduce water flow. This can result in lower pressure water in your home.
First, we will evaluate the plumbing of your house to determine if it's suitable for bathroom renovations St Louis MO. If it is necessary, we'll provide you with an estimate. We suggest that all black pipes are replaced by copper or PEX tubing. Copper tubing is a great alternative to black pipe. Copper tubing's internal diameter permits greater water flow , and it doesn't get rusty as. Certain municipalities haven't yet permitted PEX tubing to be used in homes. We can provide assistance with this, too. Contact us today for a an appointment for a no-cost estimate!

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