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Trends in Custom Home Decoration 2022

Mar 15

Trends in Custom Home Decoration 2022

As we move into a new post-pandemic normal, we have gained wisdom and perspective in relation to our homes. They have a better understanding of their homes and the space they desire. Intentionality, creativity, and uniqueness are the key ingredients to all the trends we see for 2022. These trends promote self-reflection and encourage self-expression.

Greens and Browns

BROWN is back after many years of declining popularity. Custom homes are embracing brown in all its forms, including deep chocolate and caramel tones. In the second half of last years, the growing popularity of green has turned into an obsession. We've recently completed many homes with deep, rich green tones. After a few years of suffering from pandemics, are we now accepting two of Mother Nature's most beautiful hues?

Natural Elements

It seems that the trend of using nature-inspired surfaces and objects in our homes will continue for the foreseeable future. Natural light and ventilation are essential for any space. The popularity of organic materials like wood, stone, and hand-crafted masonry continues to grow. In fabric, wallpaper, and upholstery we'll see more floral- and animal-inspired prints throughout the year. In the world of interior and architecture, biophilic designing is a concept that aims to create a visual connection with the natural world and enjoy health and environmental benefits.

Dark Kitchens & Bathrooms

Many homeowners are surprised at a trend that is gaining momentum. Interior design experts are seeing dark, moody kitchens and bathrooms as the new fad. While some clients have embraced this trend, others are skeptical. We have had the pleasure of watching homeowners take risks in their kitchens and bathrooms for many months. They look forward to the dramatic moods and drama these spaces will bring to their homes, and so are we!

Bold Patterns and Colors

This trend is quite opposite of the "dark, moody kitchen" trend. Nearly everyone seems to be adopting it. Homeowners and interior designers alike are excited to use bold colors and patterns strategically in their homes. If homeowners aren't willing to risk their homes by investing in a dark kitchen or bold colors, it is worth taking a chance on bold patterns and colors. Everyone is encouraged to find deep, rich colors that resonate with them and then layer them in with interesting patterns and accent pieces - all to create a unique look that is truly theirs.

Vintage and Sustainable Accents

Matchy-matchy furniture, materials, and decor are long gone. We have come to value the uniqueness and beauty of unique artisanal finishes, furnishings textiles, decor, art, and fabrics. The rise of granny chic (aka "grand millennial") style, as well as the push for sustainability and repurposing, are all reasons to embrace vintage. There are many benefits to this, such as higher quality, longevity, support of small-scale artists, and a greater connection to the things that surround us.

Mixing patterns and textures

Layering is the key to mixing multiple textures and patterns within a space. Mixing patterns and textures in different ways can create depth and visual stimulation. While some homeowners love a well-curated mix of textures and patterns, others enjoy the freedom to be creative and have fun with it.

Curved furniture pieces

Recent years have seen an increase in organic shapes and sculptural shapes. This trend will continue into 2022. Wall finishes, tile design and furniture pieces are exploring sloped and curved shapes. This is in keeping with the creativity and uniqueness of all the other trends.

Mindful Spaces

We all recognize the need to have a place in our home where we can relax and recharge. This space is becoming more important to our homeowners. We have included prayer rooms, spa-like bathrooms, meditation "Pendens," steam showers, and personal saunas. The decor and hard finishes will vary depending on individual tastes, but the intent is always the same: to create an environment that fosters a more mindful approach to daily life.

These trends may inspire you to envision the future home you want. You get to design the home you want and love. That is the essence of all the trends for this year. Enjoy curating!


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