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How to Plan and Prepare for Your Attic Cleanout

Mar 21

An unclean attic can lead to terrible consequences such as pest infestations, damage to furniture, walls that are peeling, and a general mess. It is worth spending a bit of time and effort to clean your attic. This will prevent it from becoming a complete dump. This guide will help you plan and prepare your attic cleaning.

1. All the Items must be removed

Clear out your attic if it is cluttered with junk. All the boxes, bags, and containers that have been stored in your attic should be removed. They can be placed outside or in a place that is accessible to them.

2. Get rid of everything

After clearing out the space, it is time to clean up the attic. To get rid of dirt and debris, vacuum or scrub the floors and walls. Spider webs are more likely to build up in an attic that has been kept locked for years. To remove them, use a vacuum cleaner or broom.

To mop your attic's floor and walls, use a mixture of detergent and water. All fabrics, including curtains and mats, should be thrown away. Place all fabrics - curtains, mats, etc. - in the washer.

3. Get rid of all traces of clutter in your attic

Next, clean out your attic. Dust them off and, if necessary, rinse them with a hose. Toss out broken or unneeded items while cleaning. Although it can be hard to part with certain items, make an effort to keep the most useful items. You can donate items that you no longer use to charity if you don't wish to dispose of certain items. This will allow you to feel good about letting go of items that you hold dear. Avoid storing items in outdated storage boxes. Use sturdy, new storage bins instead.

4. Inspect for pests, mold, and damaged insulation

An attic that is overcrowded can be a breeding ground for mold and other undesirable pests. Attics are home to many pests including bugs, spiders and roof rats. Other than these pests, be aware of mold and poor insulation. These common attic problems can be difficult to solve on your own.


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