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Luxury Bathroom Remodeling: 6 Ideas for Ultimate Relaxation

Mar 21

Luxury Bathroom Remodeling: 6 Ideas for Ultimate Relaxation


These luxury bathroom remodeling Round Rock Texas are particularly fascinating because they connect various areas of the home that are typically separated into different rooms. Beautiful plumbing features and functional upgrades can make it feel like you're in a five-star hotel.


Bathroom Remodeling Ideas of Highest Quality


Begin with inspiration as you begin planning your luxurious bathroom remodel. Here are some of our favorite luxury bathroom remodeling ideas.


  1. Make your bathroom larger.


You don't have to make every luxury bathroom large. However, if your space is constricting your style, you should consider expanding. An extra few square feet can make the difference in having the perfect soaker tub or a complete walk-in bathtub. A large, luxurious bathroom should give you enough space to breathe. You may be able to add additional square footage to your bathroom by changing the layout.


  1. You can improve the storage options in your bathroom.


Luxury bathrooms will make you forget about the fight your sister had over a small piece of counter space in elementary school. It might not take much to transport yourself back to college days when you had all of your toiletries and other necessities in a small plastic bag.


The luxury bathroom includes plenty of storage, as part of the overall experience. Look for creative solutions to oddly shaped hair dryers. The ideal towel corner is also possible. Luxurious baths have a place for everything so you can spend less time searching for your favorite products and more time relaxing and enjoying your surroundings.


  1. You can make your bathroom brighter.


Not only can luxury bathrooms handle a lot more light than others, but they also expect it. Natural and artificial light should both be considered in your luxury bathroom design. Installing a skylight or row of windows in your bathroom is a great idea. Consider designing your lighting to work in different zones. Or, you can upgrade your decor with an entire chandelier or premium feature light.


A great designer and builder will focus on helping you select the right lighting for luxury bathrooms.


  1. Install high-end fixtures, plumbing, and other fittings.


Each time you make use of a feature in a luxurious bath, it leaves you feeling like "this was something extraordinary." We encourage customers to explore their plumbing and water fixtures. Add a programmable, adjustable showerhead (or two) to the mix. The mix can be enhanced with a programmable rain head. A jacuzzi or soaker tub can be added to your bathroom. Install a toilet with seat warmers. Faucets that are water-like like a waterfall make a great addition.


  1. Consider unique bathroom features.


There won't be any builder-grade Formica countertops and cabinetry here. In a luxury bathroom renovation, custom features are highlighted. We love having custom cabinets built (with clever storage), and we also enjoy using stunning stone and tiles throughout the space.


Choose unique bathroom accessories if you truly want to make your bathroom stand out. We have made custom vanities, water closets as well as fireplaces. Also, we can custom-cut marble sinks, backsplashes, showerheads, and other bathroom accessories.


  1. Pay close attention to fine details.


High-quality finishes and details are what make the difference between traditional and luxurious bathroom remodels. Consider what metals you'd like to use as fixtures and faucets. One-of-a-kind drawer pulls can add elegance to a space. Perhaps your luxury bath money will be spent on custom wallpaper. You might have two sinks and towel warmers. Perhaps electronic controls are hanging on the walls.


The last details and finishes elevate a luxurious bath. You can include a lot more plants, a flat-screen television, or a wine cellar. Together, you will discuss the final details. A luxury bathroom is a place where every inch counts. Consider elements that aren’t only practical but also enjoyable.



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