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How Do I Install A TV Wall Mount?

Mar 25


This is the perfect moment to hang up your flat-screen TV. You might have put it off for several years or even had it done by someone else. Now that you're moving and you're the one to do it, it's your turn. If you feel too intimidated to hang a flat-screen, do not.

How do you install a TV Wall Mount?

If you're not confident that you're sure, don't hang the TV yourself. Get a trusted friend to assist you. Find someone capable of completing the task correctly. It would help if you didn't try to do this task no matter your background. Your child might be watching TV from underneath. The TV should not fall onto your child or on the floor. This could end up costing hundreds of dollars. Take note of the television mounting tips by 7PiXL to avoid these scenarios.


How do you select the best tools?

What tools do you require to complete the task?

  • Tape measure

  • A drill and bits

  • A screwdriver, orbit

  • Level

  • Pencil

  • Stud finder (optional)

1. Find the Mount and Stud

The first step is to find a secure place to hang your television. Next, locate the studs needed to hang it. There are many methods to locate the studs. There are a variety of ways to find studs. Another option is the Stud finder. Stud finders are relatively inexpensive and work efficiently with a bit of patience. You must ensure that you get a genuine stud. You could also try using toggles for drywall if everything else fails. The toggles must withstand the total weight of the TV and its frame. The drywall needs to be strong enough to support the weight. Suppose you are standing in front of your TV. The height of the frame should be in line with the center of the screen. If the bracket holes aren't aligned with the holes, you can make new holes. It's usually more straightforward than replacing the bolts to attach the mounting frames to the wall. Four bolts are required for most mounting frames. These bolts should be cut. Take it slow, and you will complete the task. You can always bring things back to more level if they're not. There is no reason to be off-level!


2. Run wires through the Wall

Once the frame is hung, place the wires into the wall. Make sure that the wires are appropriate for wall installation. You can purchase channeling that can be easily painted and connected via the outlet to their television if they're unsure whether the wires are appropriate to be hung on the wall. You can also have someone bring in and set up an outlet in the area behind your television. It will still be difficult to discern.

3. Mount Your TV

Once the frame has been put in place, you can set your TV on it. Although it's simple to place the pieces correctly, it can be difficult. It's best to have someone help you. It's not pleasant to imagine the TV falling or breaking onto someone. Take the top of the television and pull it downwards to see if it's not level after hanging. It can help you level the frame if you make sure you put it into studs. A different option is to loosen or tighten one bolt on the frame. It may be necessary to remove bolts from behind the frame and repeat the process. It's a tedious process; therefore, take your time and complete it slowly. It is wise to hang the TV. It's easier to watch the TV when it is mounted, saving space. Place your TV on the wall if you're comfortable with the position. You'll be delighted by the results.

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