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The Reasons Your Air Conditioner Smells

Mar 31

The Reasons Your Air Conditioner Smells

Although your home is cooling, strange odors suddenly start to emanate from the air conditioner or vents. The smell could indicate that your AC unit has failed and is causing health or safety hazards. Your AC might smell for one of several reasons. Do not panic! Washington HVAC Bosss can help you with any of the above issues.

A burning smell can make your home uncomfortable. The burning smell could be due to dust burning. If the smell doesn't go away, it could be caused by a bad capacitor or motor overheating. A capacitor powers the motor, and if it's damaged it can heat up. The bearings of the motor may be worn out if a motor overheats. You should change your air filter every other day. This can reduce airflow and cause heat to electrical components. Other problems include the AC fan, compressor, and circuit board. Your AC should be turned off from the breaker.

Do you smell acetone, which is the smell of nail polish remover? Do you smell acetone (what nail polish remover smells like)? AC coils can crack and become damaged if they are not maintained or old. This issue can cause AC units to underperform and pose a risk of injury.

Are you overwhelmed with rotten smells and stench? You may have been bitten by rodents, birds, or even lizards. These animals get trapped in the air ducts, and can't escape. When the AC is turned on, the animals begin to decay and the smell spreads throughout the house.

Mold may be growing in your air ducts if you notice a musty odor. If moisture builds up, it could cause mold growth. Mold is very harmful, and your Air Conditioner Service Washington DC can spread the spores throughout your home. This is why you should not worry about the smell.

The smell of sulfur (rotten egg smell) should not be ignored. You may have a gas leak if you detect rotten eggs. You should not light any lighters or turn on any electrical equipment if you feel it coming from your vents. Open your windows and immediately evacuate your home. Contact your gas company.

As usual, we don't recommend anyone doing their AC unit work themselves. For any strange odors, contact Washington HVAC Boss (202 980 8310) or make an appointment on our site. These problems can be fixed quickly so you can get back to living in your home.


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