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My Roof Is Leaking. What do I Do and the Dangers of Waiting?

May 29

My Roof Is Leaking. What do I Do and the Dangers of Waiting?

By Mesa Roofing Pros


Nobody likes to find water on their ceiling. You can prevent further damage by ensuring you act quickly, regardless of whether you are home at the time it occurs or you arrive at your home to discover it.


How to keep the Leak at bay


Water may be leaking from a bulge in your ceiling or discoloration on the ceiling. A bucket, garbage can, or another container should be placed below the leaky source. It is possible to even prop up a board in the container so that drips don't land on the board but the accumulating liquid. This will reduce the sound of drips.


  • Use an old screwdriver and locate the bulge that is storing water. Then puncture the bulge right at the middle. It may seem strange to poke a hole into your ceiling in order to stop a leak. However, the water will drain quickly and the pressure will be relieved from the ceiling. If water pooled or collects, your entire ceiling could fall.


  • If you feel confident that you can find the source of the leak, cover the outside with a wide-brimmed tarp. If you feel unsafe or unable to reach the source, it's best that you contact a roofing professional immediately. Many reputable roofing businesses do emergency tarping. If your roof is leaking from weather conditions, a roofing professional will not be able to repair it until the weather improves. While temporary solutions may be available, tarping can help to reduce the extent of damage in your home while your roofer addresses the problem.


  • A professional roofing contractor will inspect your roof from both outsides and inside your home. Most often, the attic is where they'll be looking. Even though it's possible to detect water damage by looking at the underside, it's not a perfect method. Therefore, you should always inspect the roof for any damage.


Waiting can be dangerous


It is important to respond quickly to roof leaks. Roof leaks are not going away. Even if it isn't as serious as you think, roof leaks can still be devastating. This is the right time to repair it. We often hear from homeowners who notice a stain on their ceiling or bubbling but dismiss it as not important.


It is impossible to repair a leaky roof by either ignoring or avoiding it. Sometimes it's too late when you first notice damage to your roof. The National Roofing Contractors Association recommends that your roof be inspected at least twice a year in the fall as well as the spring.


Here are some things to look for to keep a fixable issue from becoming costly and time-consuming.


Search for the following on the inside:


  • Spots in darkness

  • These are areas that have become sagging, but where there is outside light shining through


Pay attention to these things from the outside.


  • Shingles that are damaged, missing, twisted, or peeling.

  • Slow draining downspouts or gutters that have become clogged

  • Avoid placing any loose or damaged material around chimneys and vents.

  • It is possible to repair your roof if it's less than 15-years old. Keep in mind, a minor leak will not disappear; it will only get worse.


Roof leaks are often a sign that there is a bigger problem. If the problem isn't addressed immediately, structural deterioration and danger can increase. Regular inspections by roofing firms in Mesa AZ is your best defense against a leaking rooftop. Make sure to keep an eye on leaks and speak with your contractor regularly about the roof's condition.


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