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5 Ways to make a small bathroom bigger

May 30

5 Ways to make a small bathroom bigger

You can update a bathroom in a variety of ways, from an aesthetic makeover to a complete remodel. A bathroom's best form is when it meets its function. You will have a relaxing and enjoyable environment. It can be difficult to feel happy in a small bathroom. This is especially true if you have elements that actually decrease the space's size, rather than increase it.

We can help you transform the space in your bathroom to make it larger. Our experts have experience designing bathrooms of all sizes and shapes. These five improvements will make your small bathroom seem bigger.

How to make your small bathroom appear larger

It's possible to update five key areas in your bathroom to make it look larger, without needing to do a complete remodel. We'll go over each one and discuss how they can be improved to increase the size of your bathroom.

  1. Renovated Shower Enclosure
  2. Tile
  3. Shelving & Storage
  4. Paint
  5. Decor

How to make small bathrooms look larger by updating the shower enclosure

Consider installing a clear frameless glass shower enclosure. The most likely part of your bathroom that takes up the most space, is the tub/shower combination. Because of their size, and the connections required to make them work together, there are only so many things you can do without having to remodel your entire bathroom.

Because the eye can travel farther, a clear enclosure will make your bathroom appear larger. If you have sufficient space, you could consider a shower without doors. You might be thinking of updating your bathroom. If so, you should consider whether the door will open on a sliding track. Do the doors pivot to the left or right? Wilmington Remodelers' bathroom remodels experts can help to explain all options.

How to make your small bathroom appear larger using tile

Homeowners looking to update their bathrooms with tile are well-equipped for this task. With a variety of sizes, colors, and patterns available, new tiles can transform your bathroom. Placing tiles in small bathrooms can make them appear larger. It can make a bathroom seem larger by placing tile right up to the ceiling. It can look less cohesive when there are many "stopping points" in the space or gaps between different materials.

Beyond floor to ceiling tile placement and size, color matters too. Wilmington Remodelers offers a showroom display to help you envision how smaller and larger tile patterns might look within your space. A space with lighter colors will feel airier. This is especially important for spaces that are lacking natural light.

How to Make a Small Bathroom Look Larger with Shelving & Storage

Bathrooms should be well-organized! Accessing daily necessities is vital. It can be hard to access essentials in small bathrooms if they are not easily accessible. You might consider recessed shelving. Hidden storage can be a better alternative to freestanding storage units.

Also, a pedestal sink will make a bathroom seem larger by replacing the vanity cabinet. You should consider where these items will end up before you make this decision. Here's the deal: pedestal sinks make your bathroom look bigger and give you more floor space. But your countertop space will shrink. Small bathroom remodeling ideas can be a great option if you have a larger renovation project in the future.

How to make a small bath look larger by painting it.

Bathroom renovations can be done with new paint. Selecting bathroom colors is a difficult task. Keep your overall aesthetic vision in view.

Paint can help open up small bathrooms by allowing for more light to enter. What colors can make small bathrooms look larger? You will see a bigger bathroom if you choose lighter colors. Be aware of the amount of natural light that is available to your small bathroom. Also, consider your fixtures and accents. You can make your wall a little darker by using bright, lighter accents. If you don't have natural light, or your other accent colors have already added dark tones to the wall, choose a lighter color.

One tip for making a small bathroom feel larger with paint is to reduce the contrasts between colors. One example is a wainscot with different wall colors. This causes the eye to pause. It can make the space seem smaller by too many frequent pauses.

How to make a small bathroom look larger by using decor ideas

You don't need to paint or tile your bathroom, but you can add decor to make it look bigger. It is important to remember that less is better. You can't have too many decorative accessories or clutter in a small bathroom. Take note of what trinkets and artwork are in your sink. If you have a lot of them, consider putting rugs on each side.

A mirror is another decoration that will increase the size of your room. Mirrors larger in size give the illusion that there is more space. Additionally, they reflect more light back into the room. Frameless mirrors are similar to shower doors.

Local experts make small bathrooms look larger

A vision is a great idea! It's great to have a vision. Wilmington Remodelers employs a specific bathroom renovation process. You can bring the vision and it will be a team effort.

Our number one priority is to help our customers navigate the bathroom remodel process smoothly. Wilmington Remodelers is there for you every step of your project, answering all questions and providing expert advice. We guarantee our prices will not be higher or lower than any other qualified contractor working on the same project.

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