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Jun 1

Professional kitchen cabinet painting

Professional Cabinet Painters Not All Newark Delaware Kitchen Cabinet Painting Business Are Created Equal As a house owner in Newark Delaware wanting to get your cooking area or bathroom cabinets re-stained, re-painted, re-faced, re-lacquered or re-finished something you will quickly discover is that there are a great deal of painting specialists in the Surrey location who declare to "paint" kitchen cabinetry. The thing is however, even if you painted some kitchen cabinets with paint does not make you a "kitchen cabinet painter". Painting kitchen cabinets, or when it comes to Newark Delaware Kitchen Cabinet Painting, includes utilizing an extremely unstable product called lacquer ... and you have actually all become aware of lacquer. The amateur business use paint to paint your cabinets while the true specialist master utilizes just lacquer for your drawers and doors. So, how do you determine what company is best for your Newark Delaware cabinetry refinishing? Well, to start with, ask the professional what item they will be utilizing. If they state "paint" then don't expect the cabinets to last very long since it won't. Then paint may be fine under the situations, if you're doing a quickie type job for resale. For the most part though, lacquer is the method to go ... due to the fact that you want to have the ability to scrub them in perpetuity, without marring the surface. You likewise want to run into them without them cracking. The next best question is: "What type of lacquer will you be using?" Here's the low-down. A company called CCI out of South Carolina makes the best lacquer on the marketplace, duration, full stop. Their major suppliers are General Paint and Mohawk ... so if the contractor say's their utilizing GP lacquer or Mohawk lacquer then you're off to a very good start; item smart that is. Forget names like "Benjamin Moore" when it comes to lacquer. Benjamin Moore is in the business of offering over priced interior and exterior house paint of regular quality to unsuspecting home owners who have more money than brains. Benjamin Moore is definitely not in business of selling lacquer, so forget about them. They do offer something called "Cabinet Coat" which desires resemble lacquer but isn't. At least it has an appealing name believed right? It needs to be great. Not! Next question. "Hey specialist, when was the last time you painted cabinets?" If the response is "in 2015" ... ignore it, you're handling a pretender. At Newark Delaware Kitchen Cabinet Painting all we do is lacquer cabinets, so our response will be ... "we painted cabinets yesterday ... and the day prior to ... and for the last 25 yrs, week after week, year after year" ... and by the way, we have lots of 5 star reviews" As a homeowner thinking about working with only the absolute best you ought to expect to see a portfolio or website or samples somewhere, some place to put your mind at ease. What does your mind have to be uneasy about? Well, for one, buying something that you're truly not quite sure about what you're getting. At Spinelli Kitchen Cabinet Painting we have some great before and after shots on our site as well as some stunning up close shots on our blog so you can see precisely what the surface looks like. Still not pleased? ... no problem, we will pertain to your house and show you cabinet doors samples currently lacquered up so you understand exactly what you're getting yourself into. Forget the "believe me they will look great" line. That is among the earliest ones in the books. If a business can't supply pictures on their site or genuine samples for you to keep in their hand what does that say about that company? That they're simply winging it, that's what it states. When it comes to refinishing your cabinets, do not take possibilities. Employ the very best in the business; that's Spinelli Kitchen Cabinet Painting in Newark, Delaware. Spinelli Signs and Painting

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