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What to Look For When Choosing a Window Replacement Company

Jul 9

To avoid falling into this trap, find out the history of the company, including awards and any good reviews. You can also check online review sites, such as Home Advisor and Facebook, to see if previous customers have endorsed the company.

Choosing a reputable window replacement company can prevent you from falling into some of the common mistakes that most homeowners make.

Cost of installation

When choosing a window replacement company, consider the cost of the installation. A single window may cost as little as $550 or as much as $5,000, depending on the style and material.

If you are replacing windows in a historic home, you will need to consider the materials and styles used by the previous owners. Wood windows, on the other hand, will cost more and will require additional trimming on the exterior and interior of the home.

You should get at least four or five estimates for a new window. Make sure to include franchises and local companies when getting quotes. When comparing estimates, remember to negotiate and always compare prices.

Window material options

You may want to choose the window material that suits the aesthetics of your house. One of the first questions you should ask is does the company offer what you want in a window.

The following are some options and materials you may find interesting.

Vinyl is a cost-effective alternative that comes in standard color palettes. Vinyl windows are durable, require low maintenance, and are environmentally friendly. Vinyl windows are the least expensive of most options,

Energy efficiency is an important consideration when choosing a window replacement company. Many design features improve window performance, durability, and aesthetics. The type of window frame, glazing, gas fill, and operation are factors that may impact your purchase. The frame material determines how energy-efficient a window will be. Thermal resistance contributes to the efficiency of windows and the heat loss rate.

While wood is a traditional option, aluminum is a more modern alternative. Composite windows are made from plastic resins and wood shavings and mimic the appearance of wood. Composite windows are maintenance-free, and the materials used to make them are often recycled.

A window expert will be able to help you make the right decision for your home.

Reviews and references

Asking for recommendations is one of the easiest ways to find a trustworthy window replacement contractor. Chances are, you know someone who has recently had their windows replaced. If so, it is best to trust the recommendations, and check out the company's rates and history. Also, check the references for any complaints.

Another way to find a reputable window replacement company is to visit their website and read any testimonials or reviews posted on other consumer websites. There are also consumer review websites such as Angi and Yelp where people can post their experiences with a particular company. Using these sites, you can confirm whether the company has satisfied their clients or not. If the company has bad reviews, you should steer clear of them.

The best replacement window companies offer wide selections of window styles and materials. They can also offer different warranties and help you shop for the best price.

Warranties offered

A warranty means more than just insurance. It means that if something breaks, it's covered under warranty. It is suggested to choose a company that uses materials that are warrantied.

Some warranties cover the entire window and are transferable. This is great for those who are flipping houses or fixing up a home to sell. Other warranties are for a specific area of the window, such as the hardware. Regardless of whether a warranty covers a specific area, it's important to understand what it means.

Some warranties will transfer to new owners, but you should find out if that's the case. If so, a warranty will increase the value of your home at the time of sale.

Another important factor to consider is how long the warranty is for. Don't assume that a lifetime warranty means forever! If it's only good for a year, then a two-year warranty might not be worth much to you.


Look for company certifications when choosing a window replacement company. This can help distinguish the best window installers from the fly-by-night operators.

If the company is certified, it has met strict requirements and should be present on all projects. Also, look for a certified installer who has undergone rigorous training by the manufacturer.

Be sure to also ask about insurance. Many window contractors carry insurance to cover any damages or faulty work they may do. Ask for a copy of their insurance certificate, and call the insurance agent listed on the certificate for further information. 

If a window replacement company does not have suitable certifications, don't hesitate to choose another company. You can compare their prices and get a free window estimate, which will allow you to decide which option is best for you. This way, you'll be sure to get the best window replacement service for your money.

Customer service

You should ask a lot of questions when you are comparing quotes from different window installation companies. You should ask for detailed quotes from each company and see if they do home visits to assess the situation first-hand.

A company with more expertise may charge more. Make sure you weigh your needs and the costs to make a decision. It's important to find a company with experience in window installation and customer service.

If you have any questions, you can look for reviews online or by checking social media accounts. Make sure the window replacement company has at least an average rating on review sites.

Customer service is important, so you should choose a company with a high customer satisfaction rating. The customer service representatives should be polite and prompt in returning your calls, texts, and emails. If you feel that the company isn't professional enough, look elsewhere.

Make sure you have a good conversation with the customer representative before signing a contract. The company should answer your questions and explain their services. Ask if they can recommend certain windows or explain the replacement process. Ask them to show you their showroom, if possible.

Do your homework

There's a lot to think about when hiring a window replacement contractor. First and foremost make sure you do your homework. 

Read reviews and get references from satisfied customers. Choose a company with plenty of references and good customer reviews. 

Compare estimates from each company. Make sure to get at least three quotes and check references.

Check online for window replacement companies in your area. Depending on the type of window you choose, some companies may offer a free consultation. Other companies will charge you an additional fee for the consultation.

Be sure to ask companies about their warranty and the installation time. Ask about any hidden costs or other details about the window replacement process. Look for company certifications and a guarantee.

Once you feel comfortable, choose the company that provides you with good customer service and employs certified technicians who are experienced and know what they're doing.