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What happens if you don't clean your ducts?

Jul 11

How long ago was it since you last had your duct system checked? This is the most neglected part of the cooling and heating system. Unless there's a problem, it tends to be ignored. Proper maintenance of the air ducts is essential for many reasons. What happens if you neglect to clean and inspect the ducts regularly? Here is some important information.

What Could Be Lurking In Your Air Ducts

It is important to understand what contaminants might be in your ducts to give you an idea of the importance of duct cleaning. It is surprising to see what can get trapped in the system. These are some of the most common contaminants:

  • Pet Dander: This is for those who have pets that spend most of their time indoors. Pet dander can also get into the duct system. It will eventually combine with other contaminants, and it will be forced out of your vents as the unit runs. This means that your pet dander from yesterday could be present in the air you breathe today.
  • Dust and Dust Mites: Dust and dust mites can be a problem. You have to spend time vacuuming, dusting, and mopping floors in order to remove dirt and dust. Dust can build up on surfaces throughout the day, so even bed linens are subject to a lot of attention. This is great but dust mites and other dust can also settle in the air ducts. The mites and dust will remain in your lungs unless the ducts get cleaned regularly.
  • Rodent waste and rodents remain: Any pest problem can spread to your air duct cleaning Phoenix. Even if an exterminator comes in to treat your house, there are still chances that the pests may be present in your duct system. There may be rodent carcasses or waste in the system. Are you sure that the forced air moving through the ducts and out the vents is necessary to remove waste and remains?
  • Mold and mildew: Condensation in the duct system can cause enough residue to stimulate the growth of mold. Over time, ducts may become contaminated with mildew. Consider what happens to the mold when the air passes over it. Tiny spores are released and carried into your home. Some of these spores end up being inhaled. This is not good news for those who live in the home.

You can also get other contaminants into the duct system. But you get the idea. Any kind of contamination is bad for your health and the health of anyone living in your home.

How can these contaminants affect your health?

Are dirty air ducts a cause of illness? Yes. Your health impact can be as minor as possible to major ones. These are just a few examples of the negative effects of dirty duct systems on your health:

  • Sinus conditions: Your nose may feel constantly stuffy, or it might seem to be running for no apparent reason. Your body could also be reacting to one or more contaminants in your duct system. Take some allergy tests to find out what you can. If the results are negative, you can have your ducts cleaned, or continue to sniffle and sneeze on a regular basis.
  • Unexplained Fatigue is a common symptom of fatigue. It's a sign to be concerned if you feel tired all the while getting enough sleep. If your medical tests are not positive for any ongoing illness, it could be that you have been exposed to contaminants in your air ducts. You will feel more energetic if you have them cleaned.
  • Air Ducts and Breathing Problems: You may find it difficult to breathe these days. The system is causing more contaminants to build up, which means more air can be forced through the vents into each room. They can cause problems in your lungs as you breathe them in. It is time to take action now and prevent any negative effects on your respiratory system.
  • Dry and itchy skin: Although you may not think of dry skin as a result of a dirty duct system or dry skin, the connection is there. The ducts can expose the skin to chemicals that can cause the skin to become drier. Itchy skin is more common than dry skin. To counter dry skin, you can use moisturizing lotions or have your ducts cleaned.

What do dirty air ducts mean for your heating and cooling system?

Consider the impact on HVAC system efficiency. Higher levels of contaminants can cause more strain on the HVAC system. The unit will live a shorter time if the ducts are not cleaned regularly. Regular cleaning is important considering how costly it can be to replace a cooling and heating system.

How can I tell if my air ducts need to be cleaned?

It's time for you to clean the air vents if there is any mold growth or darkened areas. Even if they aren't there, if the air is becoming stale, and family members start to sneeze or cough more often, it's worth checking the ducts.

How Often Do I Need to Clean My Air Ducts?

Experts recommend that the duct system be cleaned at least once every three years. It is recommended that the system be cleaned at least every three years if there are pets or smokers in your household.

How can I clean air ducts myself?

Although it is possible to clean your duct system by yourself, it is rarely practical. You must clean the ducts themselves, as well as the blower and other components that push air into the ducts. It is also important to rent or purchase the correct cleaning equipment and the best cleaning agents. The cost of hiring someone to do the job is negligible if you take the time to do it all.


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