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How to Choose the Right Lawn Mower

Aug 12

Obviously, you require a mower, but how do you decide which one suits your needs? Every mower has advantages and disadvantages, whether rotary or scythed. How do you know which one is the most suitable for you?

Wright mowers on sale put together this guide to help you distinguish between the various mowers and determine the best mower for the task.


How do I pick a lawnmower for my yard?

A Rotary Mower


Rotary commercial lawn mowers are the most commonly used mowers ideal for trimming lawns and cutting "average" grass. A revolving disc will usually be attached to the blades of the mower. Because the disc rotates at high speed, the blades may cut the grass. The grass clippings from a rotary mower are often stored in a bag or a box. It is normal to find this kind of mower with an adjustable cutting height, allowing it to cut both medium and short-length grass. Rotor mowers can be used across various surfaces, including landscaped lawns and natural terrain.


Mower with Cylinder Heads


The cylinder mower employs a scissor to cut the grass. The cylinder (or reel) wright mowers for auction are popular for mowing lawns. The traditional lawn mower is a cylinder with five to 12 bent blades on the front. In the middle of the machine, the circular blades soak up the grass and keep it in place while the cylinder moves.


Mulch for Mowers


Mulching mowers can recycle clippings that have been recycled back to the grass.


The mower works similarly to the rotary mower but uses a fast spinner to cut grass into smaller pieces. A mulching mower breaks grass into smaller pieces and then distributes the mulch beneath the deck to produce fine mulch. This mulch is introduced back to the turf after the blades are removed. They don't gather, as their primary function is to bring grass clippings to the lawn, where they'll degrade and serve as a valuable fertilizer.


Flail Blade Mowers


Flail mowers are used to trim grass and overgrown shrubs. The horizontal axle of this mower suspends free-swinging blades with a Y-shaped design (flails) from the horizontal axle. These blades can bounce off obstacles, making them ideal for areas with rough or uneven terrain. Using the flails propelled at a high rate through the axle, they squash and mulch the plants.


A disc mower


This mower is typically used to make hay or cut long grass and wildflowers. Depending on the size of the disc, it will be a large disc, with free-swinging cutters along the edges. The grass is "rowed up" when the mower cuts it, making collecting a breeze. This mower is great for cutting tall grass; the grass is left to be baled or removed. For tractors with either two or four wheels, a pto-driven attachment of this kind of Wright mowers for sale is readily available. The height can't be changed and is normally fixed.


Crop Scythe


A Scythe bar is all you need to trim large plants and wildflowers.


A motorized scythe, sometimes known as a sickle bar or Allen scythe, is ideal for removing tall grass and wildflowers. The machine's fixed-bottom blade has triangular teeth that move from the opposite direction as it performs a scissor motion. These mowers can cut any plant as they don't need to be over the top like other mowers. They are ideal to manage wildflowers since they don't break the seeds. Instead, they cut the stems at their base, which allows seeds to fall to the ground and grow. These mowers are great for haymaking or reed bed maintenance. The most common features are an adjustable cutting height that can be adjusted to suit a variety of terrains and plants, as well as an extensive range of cutting widths.



The circular mower is the most popular type of mower. It's great for lawn use.


You can save on costs by using the least costly rotary mower without or with the rear roller. It's all dependent on whether you choose to include stripes. Cylindrical mowers have a more refined and consistent appearance. They're therefore the most suitable option if that's what you're searching for.




Flail-type mowers can get through the toughest grass.


For this purpose, an abrasive mower or scythe could be the best choice. Flails can chop and mulch all kinds of things, leaving the cut material in its place. The tools can cut brambles and tall weeds such as bracken, overgrown grasses, bracken, and other vegetation. A powered scythe could cut vegetation up to 1 inch thick, regardless of height or density. Due to the small amount of debris it leaves behind, it's usually necessary to clean up afterward. Everything from bracken to first-year saplings may be utilized in this manner.


The grass of the meadow


Be aware that tall grass may require cutting later with a razor.


Because of their flexibility in cutting lengths, the flail disc mower and a scythe are the most suitable for cutting tall grass. If you require a particular style of finish, that is the primary consideration in deciding. The flail, contrary to the scythes and disc mowers, chops and mulches grass. A disc or scythe is the best choice if you want to make hay. You'll need to rake the cut grass.


With the right mower, you'll be able to cut your lawn in minutes. If you're unsure which type of mower to purchase, it is recommended to consult with a reputable equipment supplier. They will be able to answer the answers to your questions and offer suggestions regarding the top mowers. They will show you how to utilize each correctly and boost the overall quality of your lawn.


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