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Different Types of Tree Removal

Oct 18

Trees can come in many sizes and shapes, just like humans. Trees develop in different ways and exhibit different characteristics. Each tree removal is different and requires a unique strategy. However, no matter what the circumstances are or how they were done, it is important to discuss any tree removals with an insured tree removal company.


If you are in the area, tree removal services can help. Tree removal services offer a wide range of tree care services including stump grinding, tree removal, stump grinding, and clearing land. This industry is still one of the most dangerous in the country. You should therefore always trust your tree-related requirements to an insured tree removal company.


These are some of the methods that can be used to remove trees:


Methods for Tree Removal


  • Felling

Tree felling is the most common method of tree removal. This traditional method, which is well-known in the media, involves workers cutting or slashing the tree's root until it falls. This simple method requires only a chainsaw and an axe but allows workers to remain on the ground.


Tree felling can, however, be challenging. It is important to understand how to remove the tree's roots in order to manage its fall. A falling tree can pose a serious threat to people and structures around it.


  • Climbing

The next technique is climbing. Instead of cutting the tree's top, workers cut and remove the pieces. They attach a rigging cable to the tree and climb up it. Then they cut off any branches or trunks. If necessary, they can lower the debris.


Although climbing is more labor-intensive than felling it gives workers more control. This may be necessary if the tree is too close to other structures or is not able to be felled correctly.

Bucket removal is similar to climbing. Tree care professionals chop down trees in pieces. A bucket truck, also known as a cherrypicker, is used instead of climbing equipment to lift employees so they can see the tree when needed. This is particularly useful if the tree is not strong enough to support climbers.


However, bucket removal requires the use of a truck or other specialized equipment. It is important to plan ahead and prepare for one.


  • Crane

Our final option is crane (or crane-assisted) removal. This is what happens when our arborists decide that bucket removal, climbing, or felling are too dangerous. The crane removes the workers and replaces them with a large crane to take the tree from the ground.


Like bucket removal, this method requires careful planning and the use of specific equipment. This option is only considered after considering all options.


  • We have a unique approach to tree removal.

  • We have a process in place to handle each project. This allows us to offer clients options while still working within their financial and property constraints. This also helps us to ensure the safety of our employees.

  • First, we examine the tree or trees in question. We determine if trimming or pruning can save the tree depending on its condition and species. The teams have firsthand knowledge and experience that helps them determine the best course.

  • A professional foreman will guide their team through the removal if we decide that your tree must be removed. The arborist will talk with you about your options and recommend the best course of action. Our team will then safely and efficiently remove the tree from your property.


We offer tree removal services that are reliable and insured.

Tree removal services are able to safely remove any tree regardless of its condition. As an insured tree removal company, we have a team of confident employees who can provide excellent customer service. We offer tree removal, trimming, and land clearing as well as stump removal Throughout.


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