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How to Safely Clean Your House After a Fire

Aug 20

After a fire, there is often a lot of smoke and water damage in Charlotte, NC. The worst thing you can do after experiencing this type of disaster in Charlotte is to start cleaning up on your own. A professional fire damage restoration company in Charlotte North Carolina can help you safely clean your property and prevent further damage from occurring that could make the situation worse than it already is. Learn how to spot signs of fire and water restoration in Charlotte so that you know when it's time to call for professional help.

Find a safe location to store your belongings

Be sure to move your belongings out of the house and into a safe location before beginning any water clean-up Charlotte. You will want them accessible if you have to leave suddenly for work or another obligation, but don't forget where they are! The fire damage repairs Charlotte may need access to those items as well in order to complete their investigation.

Take inventory of what you need, and make a list of things that are missing

Make a list of things that are missing flood damage cleanup Charlotte. Write down what you need to buy at the store or what you may have forgotten about (think extras like cleaning supplies, laundry detergent, paper towels). If there's anything they can't do to fire damage repair Charlotte themselves and would want help with, make sure those tasks are on their list.

- Cleaning supplies

- Laundry detergent

- Paper towels

Make a list of things that are missing.

Clean up the area around the fire as much as possible before it is too late - use wet rags or towels to soak up any water or soot

water or soot that can be soaked up before it is too late should be removed to avoid further damage and irreversible effects from occurring, such as mold growth. Tiles on the floors are usually porous and will absorb any liquid spills, including those caused by firefighting efforts; this includes both accidental spills like a firefighter’s water bottle or intentional spills in order to douse fires.

Remove anything flammable from the area that could cause another fire - this includes clothing, paper products, furniture, etc 

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