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Impact windows and Category 5 hurricanes

Jul 8

It only takes one storm to cause disastrous damage to your house. Can impact windows withstand a Category 5 hurricane? This is a question that commonly comes up during hurricane season, and it is understandable why people want to know the answer. After all, it would be better for you if you could take care of storm repairs before the next hurricane came along! The good news for homeowners in areas vulnerable to hurricanes is that impact glass is able to withstand Category 5 storms if installed properly and serviced frequently.

Impact windows are, of course, designed to withstand hurricanes and other harsh weather, and they’re rigorously tested with storm simulations to ensure strength and quality in the face of these conditions. That said, it’s important to remember that impact-resistant windows are impact-resistant, not impact-proof. While they’re incredibly durable and engineered specifically to withstand the force of a heavy impact, they’re not totally indestructible. And it’s difficult to say with certainty whether any one specific impact-resistant window would survive a hypothetical Category 5 hurricane. Surely, some impact-resistant windows would survive the storm (i.e., they’re not all just going to simultaneously combust due to the wind and air pressure if a Category 5 storm hits) but if the wind from a powerful Category 5 storm were to hurl a piece of debris at an impact-resistant window, there is certainly a chance that the window could break. Of course, it will depend on what the debris is, how heavy it is, how directly it hits the window, etc.

What’s great about impact windows is that their safety design goes beyond just durability. They’re also equipped with a layer of rigid yet flexible plastic-like material in between the panes of glass, much like a car windshield. So, if a piece of debris does hit your window hard enough to break it, this interlayer will hold the shattered bits of glass in place so they won’t go flying into your home and cause injury.

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