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Impact Windows Miami Benefits 2021

Jul 8

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One strong benefit of these doors and windows is that only one installation project is required. If you choose to have these installed, it’s important to note that you must replace your entire window. This is different from applying a special coating to your current glass to offer some level of added protection. But once these are set in place, the installation is complete. No further treatments or reapplications are necessary.

Installing impact resistant windows and doors provides the following benefits:

  • Reduced hassle
  • Greater peace of mind
  • Convenience
  • Clear and straightforward process
Save Time on Storm Preparation 

If you live in Florida, storm preparation is a regular occurrence. While there may be many steps in this process, installing impact resistant windows and doors can help substantially. These products are designed to withstand powerful winds and even direct impacts, providing a sense of security for your family. Additionally, these home components don’t require any additional parts. While hurricane shutters are common storm preparation tools, consistently installing these and putting them in storage can be a hassle.

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Aside from storm protection, security may be the most important reason to install impact resistant home products. Unfortunately, many homes are built with windows and doors that can break easily. While a strong breeze may not cause damage, a burglar could break into these windows and doors with ease. Especially if you live in a busy city, settling for lower-quality home components could pose a serious risk. If you want an extra layer of security to protect your family, installing impact resistant windows and doors could be the right solution for your home.

Homeowners often choose a few areas of their property to install these components. Some common locations include:

  • Sliding glass door
  • Bedroom:  single-hung or casement windows
  • Ground-floor: fixed/picture windows

Impact resistant windows and doors provide a powerful line of defense for your home.

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Built for protection

Impact resistant windows and doors have incredible strength and durability. In fact, a burglar could strike your window or door with a crowbar, and while the glass may crack, it would stay securely in the frame, preventing entry to your home. This is due to the strong, clear interlayer bonded within the glass. These windows and doors provide a high level of home protection against the most common break-in methods.


Do you have loud neighbors or live in a busy city? Not only are impact resistant windows and doors built for the most intense storm conditions, but they also help to reduce noise. If you live in a busy, active area, noise can be a serious problem. This is especially true if you work from home.

Thick, High-Quality Glass

Impact resistant windows and doors provide sound protection thanks to their multiple layers. The varying density of the multiple layers of glass works to absorb and scatter sound waves. This minimizes exterior noise entering your home, leading to fewer distractions and increased productivity. In a recent survey, 63% of those who had installed impact windows said they rarely or never hear outside noise.*


As cities along the coast have rising home insurance prices, property owners look for any chance to save. Given their material strength and protective qualities, impact resistant windows and doors can provide substantial savings. Many hurricane-prone locations around the United States actually offer discounts on insurance premiums if you have impact resistant windows and doors installed. So while it may seem like an investment to purchase these home products, the insurance savings can help increase your ROI.

All openings must be protected

While these insurance savings are a great incentive, there are often some stipulations. For one, many insurance providers will only provide a discount if all home openings are covered with impact resistant products. This typically includes:

  • Entry doors
  • Patio doors
  • Garage doors
  • All windows

As long as all entry points are covered and protected, you could receive a discount on your monthly insurance premium. While premiums may increase over time, these savings can help offset the rising costs. If you live in Florida or another coastal region where hurricanes are prevalent, installing impact resistant windows and doors could be a valuable decision.



These high-quality windows and doors offer trusted protection from storms, but they also help to improve your home’s energy efficiency. This is due to their insulating effect. The average home is equipped with single-pane windows, but this doesn’t provide the same level of insulation. With its multiple layers bonded together, impact resistant glass is an excellent insulator, especially when paired with vinyl frames. Not only can this help to create a more energy-efficient home, but it can also ease the workload on your air conditioning system during the hot summer months. Low-E glass coatings provide further benefits by deflecting solar heat, while also protecting the interior of your home from harmful UV rays.

Energy Savings and Greater System Longevity

Single-pane glass is used in many standard homes, but this can make your HVAC systems work harder and longer than they should. This is due to poor insulation. While these units are working to provide comfort for your family, this tasking effort can decrease their longevity. This means you may be in the market for a new HVAC system sooner than expected. By installing impact resistant windows and doors with significantly improved insulation, you can save on your energy bills.


As you can see, there are many benefits to consider regarding impact resistant windows and doors. Not only can these products lead to increased security and noise reduction, but they can also increase the value of your property. As there are different varieties of these windows and doors, do your research to find the options best suited for you. If you’re looking to renovate your property or add some high-quality home upgrades, installing new windows and doors is a great place to start.


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