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Tips on Popcorn Ceiling Removal from a Painting Expert

Sep 1

A popcorn ceiling is a type of batten or textured ceiling that was popular in the 1960s. The appearance is produced by splashing popcorn to fill rooms in between timber slabs, for this reason the name popcorn ceilings. They were popular because they might be quickly repainted and were affordable to install. Nonetheless, in time popcorn ceilings have fallen out of favor. This post will certainly look at why this occurred as well as exactly how to eliminate them from your residence if you still have one!

Do Popcorn Ceilings Contain Asbestos?

Any type of jobs entailing an existing popcorn ceiling must be very carefully considered prior to tackling the job. The material of option for popcorn ceilings was asbestos up until it was outlawed as a carcinogen in 1978. Rather than paper fiber, manufactures switched to utilizing asbestos that year. Suppliers remained to market existing stores of asbestos-laced product, not advising consumers or changing to a different type of material beforehand. This means that popcorn ceilings installed in the late '80s might contain asbestos, which will be distributed into the air when disrupted. This is especially poor since tiny fibrils can create disease and periodically cancer.

When it ended up being recognized that some popcorn ceiling textures consist of asbestos, their appeal as a residence renovation choice began to reduce. This is particularly true if the popcorn ceiling was splashed with a fire resistant consisting of asbestos. Asbestos develops friction and can catch on clothing or hair easily which could result in direct exposure!

You can check a popcorn ceiling for the presence of asbestos by scraping a smidgen right into a plastic bag and having it examined at an EPA-accredited lab. Due to the risks of asbestos existing in every popcorn ceiling, house owners must work with a professional firm to eliminate them. Calling your city government authority regarding the removal of asbestos is the first step to identifying what disposal techniques are mosting likely to be best (and most lawful).

Exactly How to Patch Popcorn Ceilings

A ceiling damaged by unattractive discolorations or cracks can be fixed, but acquiring a specific match of the original appearance and shade can be tough. If your popcorn ceiling requires a patch, you have 2 choices to select from: an aerosol can or a premixed container. Drywall substance used to appearance brand-new ceilings is not recommended for popcorn patching since it contains water, which can trigger existing textures ahead off.

Exactly how to Paint a Popcorn Ceiling

As long as your popcorn ceiling is structurally sound, painting it can be a good choice. Painting popcorn ceilings aids to lower the potential for water damages and eliminates spots from popcorn appearance paint work failed. Begin by cleaning the popcorn ceiling with a soft-bristle brush connected to an expansion pole. Apply stain-blocking ceiling guide to the top of the popcorn before staining. When completely dry, utilize a heavy nap roller or paint sprayer to use paint. Fill up all the spaces as well as crannies with adequate products of paint when getting your materials.

Hiding a Popcorn Ceiling

There are many different ways that you can hide an existing popcorn ceiling without having to entirely remove it. Right here are some options:

Mounting a much more visually pleasing surface can conceal the popcorn ceiling, such as inflexible foam ceiling tiles, drywall panels, or timber planking.
Adhesive-backed decorative foam ceiling panels can be mounted either with glue or by affixing the panel to wood.
When a ceiling is greater than 8 feet from the ground, you might wish to install a decline ceiling. A drop ceiling is made up of a steel grid that holds individual panels just listed below the existing ceiling.

Just How to Securely Eliminate a Popcorn Ceiling

There are many traditional means to eliminate popcorn ceilings, however prior to you start any project it is very important for security and also the long life of your residence that you utilize a respirator mask.

A couple of typical techniques of popcorn ceiling removal consist of: glue remover or drywall mud; puncturing the popcorn with an electric blade or abrasive blade; making use of warm.

Eliminating a popcorn ceiling is not always difficult but the process can be messy and also time-consuming. After splashing the ceiling with water, it's safe to scrape away all of the old popcorn structure making use of a putty knife.

If the popcorn ceiling has been painted over, the only means to eliminate it is with a stripping item. Eliminating popcorn ceilings can be an unpleasant as well as laborious task, yet you can discover solutions to make the process less complicated when you undergo your regional residence renovation shop or online. These remedies, often in gel type for dripless application, can be rolled or cleaned on. As soon as the remedy has softened, utilize a wide trowel to scratch away both the paint and structure.

Be prepared for some dirty work. Put on a facemask, eye security and old apparel that you can dispose of when the task is done. Using a wet texture to avoid fibers from distributing is needed for popcorn ceilings.

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