Vacuum Maintenace Tips You Never Knew You Needed

If you are like the majority of people, the last point on your mind when you vacuum is to tidy and keep your vacuum cleaner. Nonetheless, it is really essential that this procedure be done occasionally in order to maintain your carpetings looking their ideal. If a vacuum cleaner is not effectively kept, it might pick up less or perhaps damage your carpet gradually.

Right here are some vital suggestions that will aid you maintain your vacuum preserve peak performance and help you stay clear of the vacuum repair shop:

Examine the Brush Roll

The brush roll is a crucial component of the vacuum cleaner that aids to move dust and particles into brushes. The importance of this tool can not be overstated, so it is very important to routinely check for indications of wear or damage. Check if there are any type of frays in the bristles on either side (front & back) in addition to whether it relocates easily. If it doesn’t, you can either replace the brush or remove any kind of particles that might be avoiding it from rotating.

Don’t Hesitate to Open Up the Vacuum Head to Clean the Brush Roll

You possibly do not think about the inside of your vacuum head frequently. Nonetheless, it’s important to occasionally open as well as clean dust that has accumulated gradually. Doing so will certainly not only make your residence cleaner and much healthier however will certainly likewise aid protect against fires brought on by overheating electric motors or brushes.

It is easy to access the inside of the head in most vacuums. It must merely refer to removing the bottom plate, brush roll cover, and exposing the location where it can be cleaned. Some vacuums might need a screwdriver to do this, while numerous plates simply snap off.

It is recommended to use an old toothbrush to clean any kind of dust or hair that may have collected on both sides (front & back) as well as around each private wire in the bristles.

Check the Belts

Belts are a fundamental part of the vacuum cleaner. They connect the motor to the brush roll and also turn it, propelling dust into a bag or up with vents in the device.

It’s recommended that belts be inspected every 6 months for wear as well as changed when needed. An effectively preserved belt will not slip on the electric motor as well as will not create the brush roll to wobble or get caught, which can trigger further damages to your vacuum.

What’s That Smell?

Pay attention to any type of weird smell while vacuuming. If you scent any type of burning or rubber smells originating from the vacuum, disconnect it instantly and also have a service technician have a look. A bad odor can show that there is something wrong with your brush roll belt, motor brushes, or even an electrical brief.

Check the Filters

Filter maintenance is indispensable to vacuum performance. It’s recommended that the filters are checked regularly for blockages, as well as if necessary replaced with a new filter

A properly maintained filter will increase the suction power of your vacuum as well as prevent dust, dirt, hair, and also various other particles from clogging up the vents in your appliance such that it becomes less reliable in time. Vacuum cleaner owners must replace their vacuum filter every three months or when the vacuum starts to significantly shed suction power.

Tips for cleaning your vacuum filter:

  • Do not make use of soap. Soap will certainly obstruct the filter. Instead, immerse your vacuum cleaner filter in a pail of water with some dishwashing cleaning agent (no soap) and scrub it tidy utilizing an old toothbrush or sponge to eliminate any type of caked-on dirt.
  • Enable the filter to correctly completely dry before using. Make sure to let your vacuum filter dry 1 day prior to using it once again.

Avoid Vacuuming Powder

If you ever splash anything grainy on your carpet– like a carpet freshener or odor-fighting baking soda– make certain NOT to use your vacuum cleaner when cleaning it up.

Never vacuum up anything that is constructed from powder. This includes sugar, flour, sand, or any other compound with a fine texture. If you vacuum this product it may get embedded in the brush’s bristles and prevent them from spinning freely- leading to an incomplete tidy.

Check for a 2nd Filter

Cleaned the filter and also still shedding suction? Your cleaner may have a second filter. Examine the underside of your vacuum cleaner for an extra filter.

DIY Repair: Use a Coat Hanger to Clear the Roller or Hosepipe

If you have actually tried cleaning the filter and also still notice a decrease in suction, try using a wire wall mount to eliminate particles from inside your vacuum cleaner’s hose or roller. Make certain you don’t jab holes in the tube!

Purchase the Right Vacuum the First TIme

If you have attempted all these suggestions and your vacuum cleaner still draws (or does not suck, rather), it could be that you just require a much better quality vacuum. It prevails to believe that a vacuum cleaner is broken when it stops working or does not function also, yet the truth may be that your vacuum just isn’t compatible with the sort of carpet you have. For instance, upright vacuums are usually better at removing deep-set dust on thick rugs contrasted to various other types of vacuum cleaners.

Before you invest in a brand-new vacuum cleaner, it’s finest to chat with the specialists at your regional vacuum store.


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