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What Is the Price of a Land Survey?

Oct 4

The average cost of a land survey, according to homeowners, is $504. This includes the cost of hiring a land surveyor, which can be anywhere between $338 and $670. The entire cost is determined by the property's history, size, location, and other factors, with some properties costing $1,000 or more.

These surveys essentially provide you with a legal definition of where your property lines start and terminate. Because they are legally binding and professionally approved, they can save a lot of time and money in the event of a disagreement. They're also useful for building or extending a fence, driveway, pool, or outbuilding (shed, garage, etc.).

Costs Of A Land Surveyor

The national average for hiring a land surveyor is $514, however prices can range from $347 to $681 based on the size of the lot, your geographic region, and the age of the lot.

The ground shifts gradually with time, and monuments (things such as trees or rocks that were in the original record) may vanish. This is especially true for residences on the water, such as those on the coast. When land surveying, the professional will have to take these factors into account, and may even have to re-establish boundary lines. There are a number of elements that might influence the final cost, just as there are with any home improvement.

Cost Of A Land Survey Per Acre

Land surveys range in price from $50 to $500 per acre, depending on the size of the lot, the amount of wooded area, and the number of property corners that need to be surveyed. The larger your land and the more markers you require, the higher your costs will be. The rate per acre, on the other hand, lowers as the acreage grows. There is no hard-set per-acre rate because rates vary among specialists and areas. However, most professionals charge per square foot, which can range from $0.15 to $0.70 or more, or per hour, depending on the conditions and the availability of title records, for big parcels of 5 acres or more.

Fees For Each Terrain

Flat, open land is usually less expensive than land with a lot of underbrush or trees. The more difficult the terrain, the higher the cost of an assessment. The lay of your land, like the pitch of a roof, has an impact on fees.

Time For Research And Travel

Researching the property's deeds and other formal papers to compare with physical indicators like fences and walls is part of the professional assessor's duty. If it is thoroughly documented, it will save time in the process, which will save money in the end. Similarly, the greater the distance traveled by the professional to reach the place, the more you will spend.

Cost Of A Property Inspection

The average cost of a property survey is $500, with prices ranging from $200 to $800. However, they are not all made equal. There are various sorts, each with its specific application.

Cost Of A Boundary Survey

A border survey costs between $100 and $600 on average. It is the most fundamental form that people encounter when purchasing a property or undertaking a project. The legal boundaries are established by the professional, who also provides a legal definition of them.

Varying states have different regulations, but if you're a buyer, it's in your best interest to have a real estate survey so you can figure out exactly how much property you're paying for. Land surveyors frequently uncover flaws that may force you to renegotiate the price of the property you're buying. If you're selling, it could also provide you with useful information to help you market your home and property correctly.

Costs Of A Topographic Survey

For a lot less than 10,000 square feet, a topographic evaluation costs between $500 and $1,200. Streams, trees, elevations, fences, and buildings are among the man-made and natural elements it locates. Before a lot is developed, it may be required by government agencies, architects, or engineers. Plots with major topographical factors, such as rivers and hills, will have higher rates.

The Cost Of A Mortgage Survey When Purchasing A Home

The average cost of a mortgage survey is $500. It shows the plot's boundaries as well as the locations of any buildings. It is frequently required by lending institutions and title companies as part of the financing procedure.

Although a boundary assessment is not always required, it may be necessary if you wish to purchase extended title insurance. It can provide valuable pricing information, similar to a home evaluation. It's also beneficial for buyers to be informed of specifics about local regulations. It may not be permitted, for example, to construct a fence along the abutting boundary line to separate your yard from that of a neighbor. Alternatively, the driveway may encroach on the space of a neighbor. It's possible that a neighbor has erected a deck that stretches beyond the property line. Before you complete a transaction, you should resolve issues like these.

The Average Cost Of Having Land Surveyed For A New Building

The cost of new construction services might range from $1,000 to $2,000 per hour. The procedure is divided into various layers, with border, topography, staking, and location services being the most common.

The Price Of A Land Survey For A Fence

A land analysis for fencing might cost anywhere from $250 to $1,000, depending on the size of the property. Even if a fence is already in place, it doesn't mean you're building on your property line. You may have to remove the fence later if you develop over the line or within the public "setback" boundaries in metropolitan areas.

ALTA's Household Survey

An ALTA survey typically costs between $2,000 and $3,000. It is one of the most comprehensive solutions and is based on the American Land Title Association's requirements.

When buying a commercial property, people often use these services to qualify with a lender, but individuals buying residential homes may also use this comprehensive option to ensure that their property is precisely defined.

These surveys are frequently required by lenders since they identify prospective hazards or concerns that could otherwise modify the terms of the acquisition agreement.

Cost Of An As-Built Survey

The cost of an as-built survey ranges from $800 to $1,200, depending on the square footage. The professional will measure the exterior and interior of the home or structure in order to create a three-dimensional representation of it for this service. Lasers are used to capture dimensions in this operation. Compared to blueprints and plans, this method is far more exact.

Sites That Have Been Staked

A site staking report costs between $200 and $500. This service is normally performed by professionals prior to the start of new development. Professionals mark structures like buildings and roads that you're building or installing. They'll also mark out slopes and where utilities and lighting will be installed.

Estimate For Plot Plan Or Plat Survey

Plot plans range in price from $75 to $200, with plat studies from the county costing $10 to $30. The two are diametrically opposed to one another.

  • Plot: A plot is a demarcated piece of land that is its own property, such as a dwelling.
  • Plot Plan: This drawing depicts the structures and buildings that already exist or will exist on the property. It isn't intended to be as precise as a land survey.
  • Plat Survey: This is a legal document that depicts the plot as well as the surrounding area. It shows where streets, other plots, and easements are located, as well as how your plot fits within the overall picture.

Surveying For Additions To A House

If you're going to build a structure, get an assessment done first to define the plot before laying out any potential upgrades (garage, pool, patios, home, drive, etc.) to guarantee they don't encroach on a neighbor's property. Even if you get along well with your neighbors, anecdotal evidence of boundary lines is at best shaky. In the worst-case scenario, you could end up in court with a neighbor over something you've placed on land that may or may not be yours.

It's also worth noting that, regardless of whether you have neighbors, municipal rules can limit how close you can construct to boundary lines. These restrictions, known as "setbacks," are determined by local legislation.

Garages and driveways- Extending or improving your home beyond its structural restrictions can lead to future issues. If a portion of your property has an easement - a piece of land with access rights for service companies - you shouldn't install anything that would obstruct that space. If you do, the service provider may require that you take it down.

Patios and Decks - You might have more or less space than you believe. Have your boundary lines specified before you build a large deck or even a tiny patio so you know exactly what you're working with.

Vertical Additions - When an additional story is added to a house, some communities demand a post-construction assessment to ensure that the finished height is within a few inches of what was approved/permitted.

Using The Services Of A Land Surveyor

Speaking with a few local specialists and collecting estimates from at least two is one of the most critical steps in hiring a land surveyor in your area. Getting numerous estimates, as with any home improvement project, is the best method to obtain competitive costs.

Advice On How To Hire A Professional

Verify your credentials. Most states demand that these practitioners be licensed and insured.

Make sure they'll work in your environment. The assessor should have more experience with the more complex your project is.

Request references and read surveyor reviews: The cheapest professional isn't necessarily the best. The reputation of the specialist is critical if you want the results to stand up in court or in a real estate transaction.